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SEARCH ABOUT Local, National or Global COMPANIES or ORGANIZATIONS in any Business, Service, City or Country AROUND THE WORLD.

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It is up to YOU to get high visibility and to increase the base for Contacts. We deliver second to none integrated approach. However, it is YOU who can use this apprach to YOUR Advantage.

Spending few hours in formulating a STRONG COMPANY PROFILE will mean a lot to YOU and YOUR COMPANY.

Each single information you entered at the << Registration Form >> is designed to Increase Your Visibility, Marketing and Sales in your Own Country and all over the World. You can add all available information and update it later.

The profile will use the information from the initial entered data, and we urge you to give attention to every requested information as this will be used to increase your visibility. You will be able to update the essential data yourself. We give you direct access to our Database.

<<< Below is a Model of how your Company Profile may look like >>>


My Main Business / Services

Most Important Searching 3-5 Keywords

MyCompanyPictures (1-3 Pictures)

Find out:
1. Searching Keywords that find your Company (NO MORE THAN 20 - 25).
2. Most Important Searching Keywords (3 - 5 Keywords to be used in the Title and the at Top of your Company Profile).

The entered information from the << Registration Form >> will be reorganized as follows:

Company's Facts.
- Year of Establishment, Company's Type of Business or Services / National Services, Membership in related Associations.
- Company Registration. Factory, City, Governorate or Municipality, Country, Region.
- Company's communication languages.
Operation in Local (e.g. your Company's own City) National (e.g. over all your Company's Country) Global (e.g. in your Company's Country and Foreign Market).

Company Description:
a. Uniqueness:
[ .. What makes your company special? Why to do business or buy from you and not others?]
Examples: Technology, Patented Product, Special Service, Professions, Fast Delivery. Affordable Prices, Vision, Marketing, etc., etc.,
Just what is your company's advantage compared to others?

Uniqueness & Hot Chocolate "by courtesy of Kutefun" selected by Saudi Arabia's Marketing Director.
 To watch click here.

b. Contents
Build a sentence or more on each of your Company's special Keywords. Formulate the Contents around your special Keywords. We can ask our Editors to assist you againt payment.

Marketing in your Country and other Countries:
This will be HIDDEN in the Profile and in the Search Engines. This will increase your visibility in each place at your Local, National and Global Market.
Local: Your Company's City.
National: If you Market your Company in your National Market, then add all the Cities of interest in the Decription.
Global: [Select all the Countries you are Currently operating in or intend to operate in the short future.]

Activities and References:
Major activities (carried out projects, participation in national and international exhibitions, fairs, shows and events) in your Country and Abroad with most powerful References.

(Additional information that improve your company's profile)

- Your Company's Certificates and Awards
information and national certificates and awards, special events to boost your image.

- Your Company's Contribution:
- To its Environment
- Your Social Responsibility towards your Company, Community, City, Governorate / Municipality, Your Country and towards the World.

- Your Company's Ethics and Soft Values

- Head of Company
- Contact Person
- Registered Address
- City - Governorate / Municipality
- Telephone (you can a Mobile)
- Fax
- Web

- email address
in picture

Contact my Company at this Address:
- or secured text format  PLEASE Copy and Paste.

If we know you, then Your Company may be added to our "Known to Us Register" Glooobi Company Authentication

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