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"Company Profile"

The first Visit Card to your Company.


When a Company is joining InterConsult21, we create a "Company Profile" that is optimized to attract Business and shortly introduces the Company in question with relevant Business Data.

The "Company Profile" points directly to the Member's Web-Page.

The "Company Profile" is integrated in our Concept to increase its visibility and consequently the visibility of the Member of that "Company Profile".


We use the "Company's Logo" intensively in our Concept.
It is like putting Stamps on our Webs. Those Stamps are pointing to your Company.

Contact Info:

Unlike the trend in Industry, InterConsult21 publishes the FULL CONTACT, ADDRESS and Electronic Mail in the Profile in SPAM FREE MOOD.

Integrated Open Architecture

InterConsult21 adopts an Integrated Open Architecture in all its Concept for Business-2-Business because:

- We do not intend to hide the Info of our Members as Internet in our understanding is a fast tool for finding potential Businesses / Services / Customers. To ask a browser to find the Contact Info in closed Director means an Opportunity Lost.
- We do not intend to sell our Members Electronic Mails and so we publish it without causing SPAM to our Members.
- We are aware of Spiders. They will not be able to track our Members Electronic Mail. If they track a Company Manually as we witnessed from many, then that is in our Members favour.
- Abuse of third Party is potential threat, yet losing a Business Opportunity is far more serious. We minimize the threat, protect your Company and increase the potentiality of Business Contact.

Please click at the following Link:
Sample of a Company Profile - a Guideline for effective Profile.

How to add a "Company Profile" and be a Member:
InterConsult21 ease the Procedure for adding a Company Profile. It will be created after approving the Registration.


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