National Egyptian Development Association
Heliopolis Cairo - Egypt

NEDA. National Egyptian Development Association.

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National Egyptian Development Association
Non Profit

NEDA, National Egyptian Development Association, is an Egyptian national foundation Non Profit Organizations registered under # 6552 with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and governed by law 84/2002.  NEDA was established in 2006 by a group of an intellectuals and businessmen/ women with the purpose of qualifying youth to fit the requirements of the job market within the framework of maximizing and enhancing the role of civil society to contribute to the development of the Egyptian society and address its priority socio-economic issues – particularly unemployment with all its negative impacts on society.  

The experience of NEDA's members and their business partners has shown that Egypt is suffering from a severe labor problem reflected in the absence of the adequate experience and qualifications needed to support national economic entities in facing challenges of globalization, open markets, exporting and the exposure of domestic market to foreign imports.

This challenging period in the history of Egypt requires a highly qualified labor force that is conscious of the job market, work ethics, quality measures and competition rules, besides new technologies, crafts and trade. The government, international organizations, some private businesses as well as civil society organizations all have a role in addressing this issue.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
NEDA and its partners consciously exercise Corporate Social Responsibility "CSR" and commitment towards their internal environment (including but not limited to anti-corruption, right to association and healthy work environment) as well as their external surrounding environment (including but not limited to improving youth skills and employment).

NEDA's Objectives:

  1. Qualifying youth to a distinguished level to fit the requirements of the job market through scientific efforts and cost effective methodologies that guarantee best results within a short timeframe.
  2. Supporting and building the capacity of other associations all over Egypt to play the same role in their local geography

Geographic Coverage:

NEDA decided to start in Greater Cairo, in order to gain experience and establish a successful module to be replicated in the future and at the same time open communication channels with donors, training organizations as well as companies and organizations in need of qualified labor.  However, in the future it hopes to reach the whole of Egypt.

NEDA's Work Values:

  1. Businessmen and companies' participation in the process as partners and end- beneficiaries of youth development.
  2. Contribution of experts and specialists through sub-committees that support the whole process: research, networking, fundraising, awareness building, training, information technology and employment.
  3. Conducting activities based on scientific methods and up-to-date data bases and reports to ensure quality performance.
  4. Reliance on qualified trainers and training centers based on cost effective methodologies rather than establishing new facilities for saving time and costs.
  5. Managing the association through modern management and technical methods to assure quality and proper communication with donors.



Main Steps:

- Announcement and selection of youth
- Orientation and awareness building about work ethics and the job market (10 day seminar)
- Technical Training at specialized centers according to needs of job market and the inclination of youth
- On-the-Job practical training at the various organizations and companies
- Assisting youth in their search for jobs

Results to Date (June 2006 - September 2008):

  • Training and supporting 200 young people from Ain Shams to find suitable work opportunities
  • Training and supporting 50 young people from Shoubra el Kheima to find suitable work opportunities. The overall target in the area is 200 youth.
  • Training and supporting 50 young people from Maadi, Al Basatin and Dar el Salam to find suitable work opportunities in cooperation with Sawiris Foundation and Maadi Youth Training Center. The overall target in the area is 200 youth

NEDA's Organizational Structure. A Model for Non Profit Organization.

Contact Name:

NEDA - National Egyptian Development Association
Head of Company:
Dr. Mona Makar, Co Founder
Contact Person: Ms. Dina Raouf
Electronic Mail:   PLEASE Copy and Paste.
35 Ismail Ramzy st. Heliopolis 
Cairo - Egypt
Middle East
Tel.: +202 26360324 
Fax: +202 26360324

NEDA is a member of  Professional Memberships in Egypt (and abroad).

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