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إنتاج الخضروات المجمدة والعصائر والفواكه المربى ومعجون الطماطم، والأعشاب المجففة والفواكه المجففة والخضار والمعكرونة ولب الفواكه المركزة


Haya, is established in 2009, in Egypt in the Business of Export of Food Industry. Haya is registered in Alexandria, Egypt, Middle East with operation in the local market of Egypt.
In addition to Export, Haya is also licenced to Import products to the Egyptian Market.

is seeking Business-2-Business contacts to market its Services and Products across the World with emphasis in the Global Markets of Far East, Arabic Countries - Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America.

HAYA 2009 is Haya takes care of your health , when you eat or drink HAYA's products that mean you're safe & your health will be very good ..

Haya is mainly in the business of exporting foodstuff products. Haya takes care of your health, our products are rich in contents ... when you eat or drink Haya's products, you're safe & healthy.

We follow the International standards and recommendation to ensure our committments to deliver high quality, healthy and high niutrition products.
Haya's products are both healthy and safe. when you eat or drink HAYA's products that mean you're safe & your health will be very good ..

Haya is experienced in processing, exporting high quality foodstuff, frozen vegetables, nectar fruits juice drinks, jam, tomato, paste concentrates.

Haya complies with the International Standard of: ISO 9001.

HAYA FIRM. ISO 9001. FDA 2020


Haya communicates in Arabic and English.

Haya has “Corporate Social Responsibility” towards its surrounding local, national environ ment in Egypt as well as environmental awareness in the forms of: Health Care Improvement.


Intensive Marketing
Haya is Added to 3 Governorates (about 96 Districts / Cities) in Egypt:
Alexandria, Cairo, Red Sea - Egypt
and added to the entire Administrative Divisions in:
USA, China, India, ...

Head of Company: Eng. Hadeer Tarad
Contact Person: Eng. Hadeer Tarad
Mob. 0020171579012
Electronic Mail: hayaegypt@gmail.com &
hayaegypt@outlook.com... PLEASE Copy and Paste.
Web: www.hayafoodsegypt.com
K75 Alexandria - Cairo desert road, Noubaria city, Alexandria - Egypt
Alexandria - Egypt
Middle East
Mobile +20 (0)1221579012 / +20 (0)1096699728

Haya is a member of Professional Memberships in Egypt (and abroad).

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