10 Ramadan City - Egypt

Safety Misr. 10 Ramadan City. Egypt.

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Safety Misr - Specialized Food Industries, is an Egyptian Company in the business of National Global Marketing, Global Business 2 Business, (B2B), Company-2-Company (C2C), Company-2-Customer (C2C), Customer-2-Company (C2C), Selling, Imports and Exports in the Food Industry.

Safety Misr - Specialized Food Industries,, is a member of the Professional 10 Ramadan Investors Association - TRIA of 10 Ramadan City - Al Asher Ramadan in Egypt.

Safety Misr - Specialized Food Industries, 1985, Selling, Export for Food is Registered in Egypt - Sharkiea in the food business and industry mainly in the areas of:
1- Diet & diabetic food stuff ( Jams, Juice, Sweeteners, Rice & Macaroni )
2- ( Jams& Juice ) in the All 239 Countries.

Safety Misr, Specialized food industries communicates in the following Languages: English

Private Label is available

Contact Us -

Mr. Hatem Abd El Aziz Ismail, Vice Chairman
10 Ramadan City - Al Asher Ramadan.
Sharkeya Governorate
. Egypt
Telephone: 26981000
Fax: 26983000

Member of the 10 Ramadan Investors Association - TRIA

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