International Coke & Ferro-Alloys Company
New Burg El Arab City - Egypt

International Coke & Ferro-Alloys Company

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International Coke & Ferro-Alloys Company
Anthracite coal and Ferro-Alloys.

International Coke & Ferro-Alloys is an Egyptian Company in the business of Imports, Exports, Consulting and Manufacturingin the area: Anthracite coal and Ferro-Alloys.
International Coke & Ferro-Alloys is a member of Burg Al Arab Investment Group in Egypt.

International Coke & Ferro-Alloys Company, is in the Consulting, Manufacturing Business, Imports and Exports. The Company is Registered in Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa - Egypt - Alexandria. We are in the business of Anthracite coal and Ferro-Alloys.
International Coke & Ferro-Alloys Company, 1998, is a Selling, Export Consulting, Manufacturing for Anthracite coal and Ferro-Alloys with interest / operation in 239 Countries.

We communicate in the following Languages: Arabic, English

I.C.C attributes a lot of significance to quality control of the coal exported. The high quality of our coal delivered has been attested to be delivered by international independent surveyors who provide the chemical analysis of the coal. Along the whole way of coal delivery from the company to a consignee the supervision and control are provided by the leading international surveyors in accordance with the standards applied all over the world (ISO, ASTM, GOST)

Contact Name:
Eng-Karim Ashmawy
Registered Address: 8 patris lomba st, latin district
Burg Al Arab City, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
Telephone: +2034953937
Fax: +2034953935

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Member of Burg Al Arab Investment Group

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