Faragalla Group
New Burg El Arab City - Egypt

Faragello of Faragalla Group of Companies in the Food Industries of Egypt and the Globe.

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Faragalla Group
Food Industry, fruit juice & pulp.

Faragalla Factory

Faragalla Group is an Egyptian Company in the business of Imports and Exports in the area of Food Industry, fruit juice & pulp.
Faragalla Group is a member of Burg Al Arab Investment Group in Egypt.

Faragalla Group is Registered in Arabic Countries, Middle East & Africa - Egypt - Alexandria in the business of Food Industry and Food stuff products with interest in 239 Countries in the Far East, Europe, North & South America and Islands and Other Nations with Specific Interest in the following Countries: ....... .......... .......... .......... ......... ..

Faragalla Group communicates in English.

Frozen & producer meat, frozen vegetables, canned artichoke, canned vegetables, bakery, natural juices, jams, Tomato paste, cheeses, dry products like (chicken, beef, vegetable & tomato soup,etc), powdered products like (jelly, cream caramel, cream chantey, ice cream, baking powder, dry yeast & vanilla powder,etc) & dairy products, concentrates and Milk products . Faragalla Group is complying with the Iinternationals Standard (e.g., ISO-9007/ ISO-14001/ HACCP).

Faragalla Group is the mother Group for:

- The Egyptian Company for Freezing & Beef Processing

- The Egyptian Company for Advanced Food Industries

- The Egyptian Company for Nutritious Development.

Contact Person: Hadeer Fouad
Registered Address: New Burg El Arab City , 1 st. Industerial Zone , Block 25
Burg Al Arab City
Alexandria, Egypt
Web: www.faragalla.com
Telephone: 002034592040
Fax: 002034592040

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Member of Burg Al Arab Investment Group

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