10 Ramadan City - Egypt

Delta Pharma. 10 Ramadan City. Egypt

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Pharmaceuticals Industrials


Delta Pharma, 1997, is an Egyptian Company in the business of Pharmaceuticals Industrials
Delta Pharma, is a member of the Professional 10 Ramadan Investors Association - TRIA of 10 Ramadan City - Al Asher Ramadan in Egypt.

Delta Pharma, is Registered in Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa - Egypt - 10 th Ramadan City in the business Pharmaceuticals Industrials.
Delta Pharma , is interest in the markets of: Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lesotho, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Mauritius, Moldova, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam, Yemen, Zambia.

Delta Pharma communicates in the following Languages: English

Delta Pharma is considered to be one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. Delta Pharma has a wide range of product categories as NSAIDs, Antibiotics & Anti-infectives Products, Vitamins & Minerals, Gastro-intestinal Products, Anti-Histaminics Products, Respiratory Products, Articular, Cardiovascular Drugs, Hormonal Therapy, Local Antiseptic, Derma Products, Local Antifungal Drugs and Psychiatry Products.


Dr. Mohy Mohamed Hahez, Managing Director & CEO
Registered Address: 10th Ramadan city –Industrial zone B4 – area no.77/B
10 Ramadan City - Al Asher Ramadan.
Sharkeya Governorate
. Egypt

Telephone: 00222877791
Fax: 00222877794

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Member of the 10 Ramadan Investors Association - TRIA

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