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Marielyst Højskolen
Pensionist-Højskolen Marielyst
Resort, Health Care and Music
Væggerløse - Vaeggerloese Denmark Europe
Non Profit Organization, Resort, Health Care and Musical activities for Senior

Marielyst in Danish

the most beautiful High School
in the old seaside hotel on Marielyst

Active seniors in Marielyst.
Marielyst is where active seniors meet, get inspiration, discovering new worlds, sharing old interests, inventing new ones, being challenged on their attitudes, find new friends - and listen to concerts and enjoy music!


Most employees are musicians and play happily alone or with participants for: morning sessions, at parties, to dance, to national days and events.

The school has a wide range of musical friends who come and play and sing in the beautiful concert hall.



The site, which is the starting point for excursions into the surrounding area for nature walks on the dike, for morning swims in the cool of the day-long hikes or bike rides in the flat land.

Marielyst is the place that is always filled with music.

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Marielyst Hojskole is experienced in offering several activities and workshops where you walk around the beautiful rooms, enjoy all the great art on the walls, eat good home cooking in the grand dining room and sing common songs.

Pensionist Hojskolen - Højskolen Marielyst has “Corporate Social Responsibility” towards its surrounding local, national environment in Denmark as well as environmental awareness in the forms of: Healthy conditions, No Discrimination, Safety and Security, Training, Health Care Improvement, Residency and Sleeping conditions, Sport activities and cultural activities.

Pensionist Hojskolen - Højskolen Marielyst complies with the International Standard of: .

Pensionist Hojskolen - Højskolen Marielyst communicates in Danish and English.

Pensionist-Højskolen Marielyst
Hans Jørgen Møller
Adresse: Bøtøvej 2
4873 Væggerløse
Electronic Mail: ... PLEASE Copy and Paste.
Telefon: 5413 6361
Fax: 5413 6365
Information: Telefontid: Mandag-torsdag kl. 10-12 og 13-15 ... Fredag kl. 10-12 og 13-14

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