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Casa Vinicola Crisera. Catona. Italy

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Casa Vinicola Crisera

Vineyards Wine Food  Restaurants  Business

Casa Vinicola Crisera, established  in 1957, is in the Business of Vineyards, Wine, Food and Restaurants Supplies  Business. Casa Vinicola Crisera, is registered in Catona, Italy, Europe with operation in the local market of Italy with interest to market our Services and Products in the Global Markets of .  

Casa Vinicola Crisera, 1957 is Crisera' has developed over the years and while it has not changed its focus dedication to making wholesome wines from fine quality grapes, it now uses the most modern technologies in order to be highly competitive.Renowned specialists help achieve the st.

Calabria. Casa Vinicola Crisera. Catona. Italy Greco - Calabria. Casa Vinicola Crisera. Catona. ItalyNerello - Calabria. Casa Vinicola Crisera. Catona. ItalyNocera - Calabria. Casa Vinicola Crisera. Catona. ItalyZibibbo - Calabria. Casa Vinicola Crisera. Catona. Italy

Casa Vinicola Crisera' philosophy is expressed through personal contacts with italian and international clients, who are welcome to visit the vineyards where they can taste the wide selection of wines made in our cellars.

Casa Vinicola Crisera, complies with the International Standard of: .

Casa Vinicola Crisera, communicates in Italian and English.

Casa Vinicola Crisera, has “Corporate Social Responsibility” towards its surrounding local, national environment in Italy as well as environmental awareness in the forms of:

Casa Vinicola Crisera,
Head of Company:
Electronic Mail:   PLEASE Copy and Paste.
Via Militare, 10 Catona. 89053 REGGIO CALABRIA 
Calabria. Casa Vinicola Crisera. Catona. Italy
Catona - Italy
Tel.: (+39)0965.302683 

Casa Vinicola Crisera, is a member of  Professional Memberships in Italy (and abroad).

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