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Strategic Supply Chain

Strategic Supply Chain.

Supply Chain

Producing a product until its final delivery can be described in terms of rings in connected chain. Each ring in the chain is vital. The supply chain consists but not limited to:
Companies, Organizations, Resources, People, Information and system. The system spread from producing a product, naturally or by manufactring it from raw materials and items until it is a finished product ready to transport to the end consumer.


InterConsult21 has clear vision for promoting Business-2-Business. We are attracting Serious Companies to join our Strategic Supply Chains from the entire World.

As per today,

- We concentrate on increasing our Members in different Businesses, Specific and National Services from 239 Countries.
- We use Countries Infrastructure to Map Businesses, Services on Cities and progessively creating City Profiles for thousands of Cities around the World.

We now start using the integrated Concept to identify Companies in same Industries. We start with the Tourism Industry at the first look, we think in Travel, Flying and Hotels as major players in this Industry. With deeper look, we identify several Businesses and Services that are related to this ever growing Industry.

We introduce the Strategic Supply Chain in the Tourism Industry in Egypt. We consider Egypt as an Open Museum for Tourism. At Land, Cities, Sahara, around the Nile, along the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea as well as Sinia. Egypt offers lot to Tourism. It is the first a child learn about.


Tourism Industry

Egypt is the Open Museum for Tourism

Strategic Supply Chain.

Powered by:

World Class Services of the Egyptian Tourist Industry - Cities with NO access to Sea

World Class Services of the Egyptian Tourist Industry - Cities with access to Sea

Food Industry


Cosmetics Industry


Vehicles Industry

Our Idea:

We are inviting Companies in the above fields to be listed in our newly established Strategic Supply Chain for each Industry.
Once added to this list, we will actively increase the interaction between members of that list to use each other full capacity, capability and resources to benefits from each other and to implement Projects related to the Tourism Industry around the World.

What is needed:
If you are already a Member / Subscriber to our Concept in one of the above fields, you will be invited to include your Company in the List. You can also Click on the box of Strategic Supply Chain when updating your Info.

If you are NEW to our Concept, please Register Your Company using the following Link:

Together we create the agenda for World Business-2-Business.

How to join the Strategic Supply Chain in InterConsult21's Business Search Engine

1. Click on the below Picture and Go to our Search Engine - Search Strategic Supply Chain

2. Select a Strategic Supply Chain Industry
(currently available: Tourism, Food, Car / Vehicles and Cosmetics Industries)

Strategic Supply Chain in GLOOOBI. B2B Global Search Engine of InterConsult21

3. Select a category that bests suit your Company in the selected Industry.

4. Add your Company by clicking on Add Site


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