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InterConsult21 is in the Local, National and Global Business-2-Business from 239 Countries.

InterConsult21 introduces an Account Manager Concept to operate as our Representative acrooss the World.

Account Manager:
     Local strong Representation:

    1. Interpersonal skills
    2. Networking and understanding the local environment
    3. Broad understanding for Marketing and Business in the Country
    4. Broad understanding for Globalization efforts and ethics at National and Global levels.
    5. Specific understanding for InterConsult21 vision, scope, concept and deliverables
    6. Building up InterConsult21 branch in the Country in question.
    7. Due proportion progressive allocation and management of:
      • Research unit
      • Technical unit
      • Editing unit
      • Customer Services
      • Advisory

Minimum requirement:

Building the Infrastructure of the Country in cooperation with InterConsult21.

  • Following a result oriented Global Marketing Plan.
  • Managing the local Blog of the Country in concert with the entire Blogs of InterConsult21.
  • Educating the Customers to increase their Professional Visibility.
  • Printing Promotion Materials at local languages guided by an English version.
  • Put the foundation for establishing InterConsult21 branch under his / her management.

What is needed:
If you want to apply for Account Manager Representative in your Country, please:
- submit a Resume with info about you.

If you are already a Member / Subscriber to our Concept, and you wish to Represent InterConsult21 in your Country, please e-mail us.
You can also Click on the box of Local Agent when updating your Info.

Successful Agent will be notified with further info.

If you are NEW to our Concept, please Register Your Company using the following Link:

Together we create the agenda for World Business-2-Business.

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